Roswell Mill Engagement Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Deanna and Charles

Roswell Mill Engagement Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Deanna and Charles

My Introduction to Deanna and Charles

One of my favorite engagement sessions this year was with Deanna and Charles. Once Deanna inquired about our services, I had an over the phone consultation. I learned more about what they envisioned as far as a wedding photographer. During our conversation I learned that Charles deserved credit for discovering me. After viewing so many different wedding photographer profiles, he saw a uniqueness in my style. This is why I was selected to photograph a very special day to rememberer.

The Engagement Photos at Roswell Mill:

Upon meeting these two, I immediately realized these two had such great chemistry. I knew I would come away with some awesome candids. I’ve been to Roswell Mill a couple of times for engagement sessions. Anytime I visit a place I’ve been before, I always try to do something different. With this in mind I paid less attention to the popular locations such as the bridge and the waterfall. Instead I focused on trails, pathways, and different camera angles. I discussed this game plan with the couple and they were all in!

Deanna and Charles were all smiles on such a hot summer day and we kept cool by staying in the shade. During the first hour we walked along the bridge and p. If you have ever seen my work before, you know I love clouds. I definitely wanted these white fluffy clouds to play a part of our engagement session. While walking back from the trail I noticed how perfect the clouds were and I photographed the couple from the side of the bridge with the clouds in the background. We then decided to have the couple switch into there serial formal attire.

During this down time of transitioning my assistant and I discussed what locations we would shoot next. We decided to focus on the waterfall area, textures, and pathways.

The wedding on September 16th, 2016 at the Venetian was a huge success and I will complete a blog post in the near future.

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Kim & Jimmy – Engagement Photos (Millennium Gate – Atlanta, Georgia)

Kim & Jimmy – Engagement Photos (Millennium Gate – Atlanta, Georgia)

In the midtown Atlanta neighborhood Atlantic Station rests the “classically-styled monumental arch” called the Millennium Gate. This is a great location to shoot an engagement session no matter the time of year.  Next to the Millennium Gate is a picturesque bridge that serves as a wonderful backdrop for engagement photos as well.  Couples are captured on the bridge with the Atlanta city skyline in the background.  The results are images that are classic and timeless.  Couples are always pleased with the look and style of these Atlantic Station locations.  Kim and Jimmy joined me at the arch and bridge to celebrate their upcoming wedding with engagement photos.

Kim and Jimmy had great chemistry in front of the camera, and this shines through in their engagement photos.  Kim’s candid demeanor and spontaneous smiles were complimented by Jimmy’s humor which kept her laughing. When couples are comfortable and natural in front of the camera, I am really able to get the best pictures.  This couple made it easy.  They came prepared with wardrobe changes which provided different looks for the session, and highlighted their fun personalities together.  They just spent the day interacting with one another and enjoying each other’s company, while having their pictures taken.  An awesome location, plus an awesome couple equals a photographer’s dream.

We at Cains’ Camera look forward to photographing the wedding of Kim & Jimmy on June 25th at the Douglasville Conference Center in Douglasville, Georgia. We send special thanks to Crystal Pink Events for introducing us to this wonderful couple.  Congratulations to Kim and Jimmy!

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Roswell Mill Engagement Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer |  Ashley and Charles

Roswell Mill Engagement Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Ashley and Charles

The Engagement Photos at Roswell Mill:

This summer I had the opportunity to photograph an engagement session with a very special couple: Ashley and Charles. Upon arriving at the historic Roswell Mill, I realized the couple’s chemistry was through the roof. They had a laid back demeanor and this always makes my job easier.

Our first stop was a trail beyond the bridge to capture the Ashley and Charles simply walking. I typically never begin an engagement session extremely close up to the couple, as this can be extremely awkward. Instead, I’ll have the couple walking, talking, laughing, and more laughing. This way I can capture some candid moment at a long distance and capture a sneak peek into the couples personalities. Charles did an awesome job getting his fiancé to laugh and the candid expressions lasted throughout the day.

With Ashley and Charles doing a quick wardrobe change, we made our way to the Roswell Mill Waterfall. I always inform clients that to get close to this particular waterfall, you have to climb down a very steep cliff. Ashley and Charles were all for the challenge and downwards we climbed. The waterfall is well worth the risk as this is by far one of my favorite photographs to take.

We at Cains’ Camera look forward to photographing the wedding of Ashley and Charles at the Omni Hotel. Congratulations you two and thanks again for choosing us as your wedding photographers!

Thank you to my reliable assistant Lex Bozek for helping out!

Their Story

Charles and I have been attending the same church for about 3 years. I never said more than a friendly hello when I saw him. It wasn’t until after a church event recently that we started having a little more conversation. On July 4th he attended a wedding with my cousin. My cousin invited him to our family picnic and which he came. That night we talked a little bit more and even flirted a little. We exchanged numbers and when I left he told me to text him when I got home. When I texted him, he asked me if I wanted to hang out the next day. We went out on our first date July 5th and we have been inseparable ever since. We got engaged on January 17th. While it may seem as if it was just a short time that we had been dating, it didn’t take long for the both of us to realize that we were meant to be together forever.

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Piedmont Park Engagement Photos  and Georgia Tech | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Audrey and Harold

Piedmont Park Engagement Photos and Georgia Tech | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Audrey and Harold

 Audrey and Harold’s Engagement Session

With the weather beginning to warm up, engagement sessions are in full swing! A few weeks ago I traveled to Piedmont Park to photograph Audrey and Harold’s engagement session. I brought my young assistant Bryson with me to help carry gear, position the reflector, and to make sure my light stand did not blow over. He did an excellent job of not only meeting all my expectations, but also entertaining the couple.  I think I have a potential successor for Cains’ Camera!

Piedmont Park can be very crowded at times with the huge events, out of town visitors, joggers/runners and dog walkers. We were fortunate enough not to have too many people in the background of our photos. We began our engagement session with a shot of the Atlanta skyline. If you visit Piedmont Park, this is a must have shot. Afterwards we ventured off to the gazebo, a small pond with the skyline in the background, and some other picturesque areas. Thanks to Audrey and Harold there were many candid shots that I captured purely based off their positive energy and relaxed nature.

After Piedmont Park, we drove to the couple’s alma mater, Georgia Tech, to continue our photo shoot. Audrey and Harold took a photo in front of Tech Tower, which is pretty popular among students.  Thanks to great warm weather, beautiful locations, my dutiful assistant, and an awesome couple, the photos are classically beautiful.  I love when everything comes together and great photos are effortless.

Audrey and Harold will be getting married on the 19th of December, 2015, at the Crowne Plaza in Midtown Atlanta (Sky 25). I am super excited to shoot at this venue not only because to the fun loving couple, but also because of the panoramic view of the downtown Atlanta skyline. Congrats on the engagement you two!  The Cains’ Camera crew cannot wait to produce some stunning wedding photography on your big day.

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Lisa & Thomas – Engagement Photos (Millennium Gate – Atlanta, GA)

Lisa & Thomas – Engagement Photos (Millennium Gate – Atlanta, GA)

It’s always great to shoot engagement photos prior to the cold weather finding its way into Georgia. This was the case with Lisa, Thomas, and their beloved dog Dusty during their November engagement session. It was a fun shoot capturing the two of them and we look forward to shooting their wedding on March 21st, 2014 at Ashton Gardens in Sugar Hill, GA.

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