Ashton Gardens Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Gabrielle and Jeremy

Ashton Gardens Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Gabrielle and Jeremy

Wedding at Ashton Gardens

I was excited to learn Gabrielle and Jeremy chose Aston Gardens as their wedding venue. I’ve photographed at Ashton Gardens before and could not wait to capture some memorable photos. Their wedding was in the earlier part of the day, so we captured some amazing daytime photos. This included some photos of the bride outside the chapel and the groom with this groomsmen. Gabrielle looked amazing as she walked down the aisle as she greeted Jeremy.

Directly after the ceremony the guests were in for a treat as they all participated in the Grand March. During the reception the bride’s Liberian family and guests got up and danced to Liberian style music. The also formed a circle around the bride and groom in the middle of the dance floor. Afterward guests enjoyed the music of Glass Dee and sent the couple off formally with bubbles.

Special Thanks

Cain’s Camera would like to thank Gabrielle and Jeremy for choosing us to photograph an extremely important day in their lives. It was our pleasure to photograph your wedding and it was our honor to serve. If you are interested in booking Cain’s Camera for your wedding, please visit our Contact Us page.


Once Gabrielle and Jeremy received their wedding photos, here is what this had to say:

When we saw Cain’s Camera work on WeddingWire, we had no hesitations to work with him. We selected Jabari as opposed to other photographers because we noticed his extreme attention to detail. We also could tell that he had extensive experience in photographing people of color in various lighting scenarios (i.e. – well-light and not so well-light). In general, however, we were particularly interested in how well he captured images in low-light scenarios. When we looked at other photographers we noticed a large variance in their photographs, as it related to lighting (i.e. – some of their pictures were dark) which lead us to choose Jabari as our wedding photographer. We are so glad that we did! We receive compliments daily on how beautiful all the wedding pictures came out.

Jabari is an extremely creative visionary who allowed us to give our input on the photos. He has a positive attitude and is always professional. We also appreciated that he offered a full wedding day “sneak peek” of photos as opposed to limiting it to just a few (i.e. 1 to 5 photos). Thank you so much for helping to make our Wedding Day the most memorable day of our lives! We cannot stop looking at the photos! They are beyond amazing and greatly exceeded our expectations! We would ABSOLUTELY recommend Cain’s Camera services because he is the best photographer we’ve ever had!

Their Story

How did the two of you meet? Jeremy and I officially met through E-Harmony

What did you do for your first date? Instead of a 1st date, Jeremy and I had a 1st weekend with each other. After communicating for over three months, we were super excited to finally met. During our “1st weekend,” we visited several restaurants, rode go-carts, visited the swamps of Louisiana and so much more.

Who proposed and how? Jeremy made a surprise visit on the weekend after Valentine’s day. Initially, he told me that he came to spend time with me because he was unable to spend Valentine’s Day with me. I thought this was so sweet. He also mentioned that his surprise visit was due to our upcoming  “one year of dating” anniversary, which was Feb. 21st. During his visit, we relived our 1st weekend together. Surprisingly. I never actually suspected a proposal would serve as the final finale.  All in all, at the end of our “1st-weekend of dates re-enactment” he proposed.

Lastly, can you tell us a bit about your plans for your wedding? We plan on having a traditional wedding. It will take place at Ashton Gardens. Our goal is to create a simple yet elegant environment.

Wedding Vendors at Ashton Gardens

Venue: Ashton Gardens
Wedding Coordinator & Florist: Peachy Keen Planners
Cake: Publix
DJ & MC: Glass Dee
Videographer: Helena Films
Hair Artist: Renee Hall
Makeup Artist: Sydney Wingate


Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Chaundra and Frank

Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Chaundra and Frank

An Instant Connection

One thing I enjoy about clients that contact me over the phone for the first time is that instant connection. This was definitely the case when I spoke to Chaundra. I learned more about her fiancé Frank, their wedding vision, and the venue they selected – Pristine Chapel Lakeside. I’ve photographed at Pristine Chapel Lakeside in the past and I always look forward to capturing some amazing pictures.

Wedding at Pristine Chapel Lakeside

The wedding day finally arrived on July 29th, 2017. The guest were energetic and the large bridal party were even more enthused. Frank couldn’t wait to see his bride walk down the aisle as he smiled ear to ear. When there was a little down time during the reception, I escorted Chaundra and Frank outside for couple’s portraits. I love taking couple’s portraits when it’s completed dark outside and the results came out stunning.

Special Thanks

Cain’s Camera would like to thank Chaundra and Frank for choosing us to photograph an extremely important day in their lives. It was our pleasure to photograph your wedding and it was our honor to serve. Congratulations on the baby and I know you two will be amazing parents!

Their Story

How did the two of you meet?
Frank and I went to Jackson State University in Jackson, MS both on athletic scholarships. He played baseball and I played softball. We hung around the same people so it was bound for us to meet. One day he approached my best friend Jessica, who also played softball and he let her know that he was interested in getting to know me, so she said she would help him out lol.

One day Jessica and I were headed to one of the baseball boys little get together and she tells me that there may be someone there that wants my number. I immediately wanted to know who, but she said she would let me know find out, but when the sparks fly to take things slow. I’ll never forget walking into Michael Bravo’s room and seeing a bunch of guys there, but there was one particular guy smiling and staring at me so I immediately knew that was him. We sat at the table and played spades against each other and the entire time we were taunting one another. Once it was time to leave he came up to me and asked if he could have my number.

What did you do on your first date?
We went to see Law Abiding Citizen around Halloween 2009. He came to pick me up from the dorm and everything about that night was perfect. He came to my dorm and walked me to the car like a gentleman. I know in his head he probably thought, “why does this girl want to see an action movie on our first date?” but it was everything I thought it would be. Tinseltown movie theater was the name of the movie theater in Pearl, MS. We officially became boyfriend and girlfriend December 07, 2009 after we came from grabbing food at our favorite Chinese restaurant. We sat in the car and he turned to me and said “I have to tell you something, will you be my girlfriend?” I smiled from the inside and out and said yes. He walked me to my dorm and kissed me goodnight.

Who proposed and how?
Super bowl 50!!!! Panthers versus Broncos! February 7th, 2016 I will never forget this day! Back in Ridgeland, MS we invited a couple of friends over to watch the game. We had everything you could possibly think of at the house. We really were enjoying ourselves. The talk of the day was what would Beyoncé do for the halftime show. As the game was going on I was being a typical hostess making sure everyone had enough to drink enough to eat giving that good southern hospitality.

Halftime came around and Frank comes into the living room and asked me to take a seat. I didn’t understand why he wanted me to sit down but I said ok. He comes in front of me and told me, “do you remember the very first thing I ever told you”? I looked at him and said no lol we had been together for a little over six years so I couldn’t think back that far. The next thing still makes my hands shake. He said I told you I would never leave your side then he gets down on one knee. I immediately threw my hands in my face I wasn’t sure if I would cry or if I was just in shock when he said, Chaundra Latrice Greer, will you marry me? I SAID YES! Needless to say, no one knew what Beyoncé did for halftime lol.

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Wedding Vendors at Pristine Chapel Lakeside

Venue: Pristine Chapel Lakeside
Wedding Coordinator/Cake/DJ: Pristine Chapel Lakeside
Videographer: J and J Digital Media
Makeup Artist: Chanissa Greer

Callanwolde Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Raquel and Jerry

Callanwolde Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Raquel and Jerry

I met Raquel and Jerry through one of my favorite DJs in Atlanta: Toryn of Exquisite Sounds Entertainment. Raquel gave me a call after finding her DJ. The excitement in her voice was evident. She detailed her vision of her wedding day at the Callanwolde. This would be a memorable wedding with a New Orleans theme filled with fun, tradition, and plenty of family. After our phone conversation I was so excited that I wanted to fast forward to September 3rd, 2016.

The Wedding at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center:

I was so excited to see Raquel and Jerry on their Labor day weekend wedding. Raquel decided that she wanted her and her bridesmaids to where tennis shoes instead of traditional wedding shoes. This was a perfect fit for their personalities. Jerry followed suit by sporting some of his favorite tennis shoes. Raquel and her single friends did a New Orleans cake pull during the reception . This is where one of the friends pulls a charm from the brides cake to see who is next for marriage. At the end of the reception the newlyweds kept with tradition and got in formation for a New Orleans 2nd line dance.

Special thanks to Crystal Pink Events and her crew for another event that ran smooth and was everything the couple imagined.

Their Testimonial

I was referred to Cain’s Camera by Toryn of Exquisite Sounds. We chose to work with Cain’s Camera because their work spoke for itself and I had never seen such amazing photos before. After working withe Jabari we enjoyed his professionalism, his eye for capturing amazing photos, and his patience for dealing with complicated silly people like myself and my husband (LOL).  I have recommended Cain’s Camera to EVERYBODY I know in need of a photographer, including my pastor!  If anybody wants photos that they can look at and get exceptional shots they would be crazy not to choose Cain’s Camera. Choosing Jabari to be my wedding photographer was the best decision made!  Jabari is the most humble spirited professional I have ever worked with. His work speaks volumes and I look forward to working with him in the future. He is my family photographer from now going forward!

– Raquel and Jerry

Be sure to view the wedding of Samantha and Kevin who married at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. If you are interested in booking Cain’s Camera for your wedding, please visit our Contact Us page.

Wedding Vendors

Venue: The Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
Wedding Coordinator: Crystal Pink Events
Hair and Makeup Artist: Jiya Janae and Arineisha Miles
Florist: Carithers Flowers
Linen: Montgomery Foods Catering
Food Catering: Montgomery Foods Catering
Cake Artist: Perfect Wedding Cakes
DJ: Exquisite Sounds Entertainment

King Plow Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Deana and MJ

King Plow Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Deana and MJ

I met Deana and MJ through one of my favorite wedding planners Crystal Pink Events. We sat down for our initial consultation and discussed what they were looking for in regards to wedding photography. They were adamant about capturing their personalities through candid photos, formal photographs of the family, and a unique look to their wedding images. I knew we had all these requests covered and could not wait for their engagement session.

The Wedding at the King Plow Arts Center:

Once July came it was now time to focus on the wedding at the King Plow Arts Center. Upon our arrival there was an intimate look to the venue with candles placed throughout the ceremony space. The beautiful drapery was provided by Unique Event Elements and the floral arrangements by Chelsea Floral Design. We quickly captured all of our detail shots prior to the guest arriving and captured a ton of candid moments during the ceremony.

Deana and MJ did not mind taking some additional photos during the reception. We love being able to take as many photos as possible. We took advantage of the time of day with some night time photos and also the artwork around the venue.

Cain’s Camera would like to wish Deana and MJ the very best and thank you again for choosing us to photograph your special day. It was our honor to photograph your wedding and it was our honor to serve. Also, a very special thank you goes to Crystal Pink Events for introducing us to this amazing couple.

Their Story

How did the two of you meet? MJ and I met in 2011 at our workplace! It all started as fun, friendly flirting and escalated quickly and definitely unexpectedly! Its funny because people always preach about it not being a good idea to work with the one you love…well we quickly realized how true this fact was and decided that our new relationship was worth a major sacrifice….and Deana had to find a new job, LOL.

What did you do for your first date? Our first date was simple yet full of chemistry and great vibes! We met for lunch and really wanted to be able to sit down outside of our hectic workplace and really focus on each other and have great conversation without all of the noise and distractions!

Who proposed and how? Perfection! It was Deana’s Birthday and usually she’s pretty low key with her birthday celebrations but this year MJ decided to surprise her with a big surprise party with all her family and friends! It was a total surprise and not even 10 minutes into the party MJ was on his knee asking for her hand in marriage! Deana knew something was up though the moment she noticed that even some of her closest family had come all the way from out of town to attend the party and she’d always expressed to MJ that it meant a lot to her to have her family and friends present when he asked for her hand in marriage! It was truly a dream and it was so much love in the air!

[unitegallery deana_and_MJ_Wedding]

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Wedding Vendors

Venue: King Plow Arts Center
Wedding Coordinator: Crystal Pink Events
Videographer: Joshua Kirk
Hair and Makeup Artist: Ashley Greene, Rachel Renee, and Yaya Dower
Florist: Chelsea Floral Design
Drapery: Unique Event Elements
Cake Artist: Perfect Wedding Cakes
DJ: Dante Williams

Crowne Plaza Midtown Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Audrey and Harold

Crowne Plaza Midtown Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Audrey and Harold

At the beginning of last year Audrey and Harold were featured for their engagement session at Piedmont Park and the Georgia Tech campus. We enjoyed the time hanging out with them and this made us even more excited about their wedding on December 19th, 2015. Months passed and it was finally time for these two to become one at the Crowne Plaza Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia.

The First Look at Crowne Plaza Midtown

We always love a first look for a variety of reasons and our previous blog posting can contest to that. Audrey and Harold decided to do a first look to have a special moment to themselves prior to the ceremony. The spot we selected was perfect and within walking distance of the Crowne Plaza. With Harold’s anticipation building every second, Audrey followed down minutes later. With Harold’s back facing Audrey, we took a couple of memorable photos before the reveal. Once Harold finally turned around to see his future bride, his reaction was priceless. As a wedding photographer this is the type of emotion we live for!

The Ceremony

The Crowne Plaza Midtown offers a breath taking view of the city on the 25th floor. As the guests took their seats, the sun began to set on downtown Atlanta. The officiant Rev Dawn asked the crowd to stand as Audrey walked down the aisle with a gorgeous dress from Anya Bridal. During the ceremony there where plenty of special moments between the two and a lot of emotion from the families. A unique part of the wedding was the hand fasting ceremony. This involved the wrapping of a large ribbon around the couple’s hands while a poem was read by the bride’s aunt.

The Reception

After the conclusion of the ceremony and cocktail hour, the couple made their way to the reception space. Audrey and Harold’s had their first dance to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheehan. The music throughout the night was provided by Ted Crowder of the Atlanta Wedding DJs. The couple and all the guests had a night to remember and this is evident through the photos.

The newlyweds had a unique formal exit with the help of their guest. Two lines were formed, the guest combined hands with the person on the opposite side, and the couple made their exit underneath the energetic crowd.

Congratulations Audrey and Harold on your wedding and thank you for choosing Cain’s Camera. You two were a blast to work with and we wish you the best!

[unitegallery audrey_harold]

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Crowne Plaza Midtown Atlanta 
Wedding Coordinator: Walter Nemeth
Officiant: Rev. Dawn
Hair and Makeup Artist: Vigilante Cosmetics
Florist: Brenda’s House of Flowers
Cake Artist: The Baker’s Man

If you are interested in booking Cain’s Camera for your wedding or engagement session, please visit our Contact Us page.

First Mallalieu United Methodist Church Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Ashley and Sean

First Mallalieu United Methodist Church Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Ashley and Sean

When I first met Ashley and Sean, I knew we would make a perfect team. Ashley with all of her excitement, Sean with his laid back demeanor, and my experienced photographic vision. Upon getting to know the couple over the next few months, I learned Ashley was a DIY (Do It Yourself) bride. She mentioned to me how she was a huge fan of Pinterest and a number of wedding details would be her creations. I made note of this, and informed my team to keep this in mind during the wedding day.

The Ceremony

Ashley and Sean’s wedding took place at First Mallalieu United Methodist Church in East Point, Georgia. Prior to the future Mr. and Mrs. arriving, we photographed all the details the couple would not notice during the actual event. Within a matter of minutes the soon to be bride arrived with her bridesmaids and flower girls. Once dressed, I photographed each individual bridesmaid, the flower girls and additional details worn by Ashley (i.e., dress, shoes, bouquet). After the photographs of Sean and the groomsmen, it was time to take our place for the wedding.

There was plenty of emotion from guests as Ashley walked down the aisle with the choir singing in the background. Ashley’s mother gave her a heartwarming kiss on the cheek as she made her way to the alter. Ashley and Sean could not help but smile at one another during the ceremony as their day had come. We photographed a number of candid photos of the guest and couple so that fond memories of the wedding day could be remembered.

The Reception

Once the formal photographs were complete, we drove to the Atlanta Airport Marriott for the beginning of the reception. Prior to the guest coming entering the reception area, we were able to capture detail shots. This included the smaller details that Ashley created herself. As the guest entered the reception space and were seated, there was a huge surprise planned by Ashley: a drum squad. Sean was a drummer in his college years and the look on his face when he heard the sound of the drum squad in coming in from the hallway was priceless.

After dinner is served and the dancing begins, I will always ask the newlyweds if they would like to take some additional photos outside. Ashley and Sean obliged and we walked right outside the venue for some night time photos. The wedding day is very long for couples, but in the end I know the images we take will last beyond a lifetime.

Congratulations Ashley and Sean on your wedding and thank you for choosing Cain’s Camera. You two were a wonderful couple to work with and we wish you the best!

How They Met

We were introduced by an old mutual friend. Over the years our relationship continued to blossom. We have been together three years and five months with nothing but pure happiness. On April, 20th 2014, Sean proposed to me in front of twenty of my family members at Easter dinner. I was shocked because he was suppose to be at work. Needless to say, we are each others soul mate and best friend. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

[unitegallery ashley_sean]

Wedding Vendors

Ceremony Venue: East Point First Mallalieu United Methodist Church
Reception: Atlanta Airport Marriott
Wedding Coordinator: Agnes Bridges
Makeup Artist: Andrea Goss
Hair Artist:
Andrea Goss
Florist: Ashley White the Bride
Cake Artist: Cakes by Lameeka
Videographer: One Entertainment Productions

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