Biltmore Same Sex Wedding – Jemal and Kinte

Biltmore Same Sex Wedding – Jemal and Kinte

Same Sex Wedding at the Biltmore

After photographing Jemal and Kinte’s engagement session at the Millennium Gate, I was extremely excited for their wedding day at the Biltmore in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve photographed at the Biltmore many times before and there are always an endless amount of possibilities. Guests entered the ceremony space with sounds by harpist Lyrika Holmes. The same sex couple exchanged vows surrounded by loved ones as The Modern Officiant officiated. The couple wore matching tuxes from Bespokture. Directly after the ceremony, I took the couple outside for portraits and also to have a moment to themselves. The decor by Unique Rose Events was amazing to say the least. Multiple angles of the reception space were captured to truly appreciate the amount of detail that went into the decor. Their wedding day was truly one to remember!

Their Engagement Story

Who proposed and how?
Kinte proposed during his birthday party. He had our family fly up for the party and proposal. He had me and two others play a guessing game that required us to take a double shot, spin around, and glance back quickly behind you and to see who could guess how many people were behind you. Of course I was last to go, after my final spin I was face to face with Kinte on one knee asking me to marry him.

Jemal and Kinte’s Wedding Testimonial

We found Jabari on WeddingWire and once we viewed his work, we had no hesitations. We selected Jabari because of his availability, price, quality, and personality. Jabari takes pride in his work, he’s patient, humble, and the results were amazing. Just from the sneak peek photos, everyone loved his work. We had an amazing experience and he was the perfect choice for us. I would recommend Cain’s Camera’s services to friends and family.

If you are interested in booking Cain’s Camera for your wedding, please visit my Contact page.

Wedding Vendors

Venue: The Biltmore
Wedding Coordinator: Unique Rose Events
Officiant: The Modern Officiant
Harpist: Lyrika Holmes
Grooms’ Tux: Bespokuture
Floral and Decor: Unique Rose Events
Cake Artist: O’ How Sweet
Videographer: Wedding Film Pros

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Callanwolde Wedding – Atlanta Photographer – Marie and Lamar

Callanwolde Wedding – Atlanta Photographer – Marie and Lamar

Wedding at the Callanwolde

Photographing a wedding at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta is always a pleasure because of the endless possibilities. In addition, a wedding outside opens up more possibilities because of the Callanwolde garden area. We were fortunate enough to have great weather throughout the day for an optimal wedding experience.

My day began with the arrival of the bride and the bridesmaids. Once the bride changed into her beautiful Winnie Couture dress, we took some photos on the beautiful staircase of the Callanwolde. Afterward, I took advantage of the window light for the lay flat details and Lamar’s prep shots with his tux from Miquel Wilson. Before the ceremony, Marie shared a beautiful gift with her mother for an emotional moment prior to walking down the aisle.

The day was a festive occasion with a variety of cultures present to celebrate the union of Marie and Lamar. From the ceremony to the reception the decor by Niq Williams was breathtaking. We were able to do a room reveal and a couple’s portrait prior to the guest entering the reception space. DJ Dusei played a variety of music representing the bride’s cultural background of Panamanian and Sierra Leonean. The wedding cake by For Goodness Cakes was amazing and I had a chance to taste a little sample (smile). From the ceremony to the formal exit, the wedding day of Marie and Lamar at the Callanwolde was perfect thanks to the planning of Sabrina from Crystal Pink Events.

Mari and Lamar’s Wedding Testimonial

When we met our planner, Sabrina from Crystal Pink Events, we had no hesitations hiring Jabari! I saw his work for other brides and the beautiful pictures he took for them. I wish he could have done our engagement photos. Cain’s Camera is a very reputable photographer and I felt that the price complimented the services as well. Looking at other photographer’s packages, I felt as if I was being robbed and would not have received quality pictures.

During the wedding day Jabari jumped right in, got the job done and it felt like he was there for us. Not to ONLY get the job done and go home. Cain’s Camera is also very personable. I would recommend Cain’s Camera to anyone in need of a quality photographer for weddings, family photos and etc. Jabari is fun and wants to ensure that every picture you could think of gets captured. He is very passionate and wants to produce the best pictures. Continue the great work! We weren’t able to meet in person before the wedding but it honestly felt like we met 10x before that lol! Because of Jabari’s personality and professionalism everyone was able to welcome you with open arms and we don’t do that too often. Also, keep that great energy you have, it’ll take you even further. Thanks again, Jabari!

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Wedding Vendors

Venue: Callanwolde – Fine Arts Center
Wedding Coordinator: Crystal Pink Events
Hair Artist: Aria Sims
Makeup Artist: Jhazmin Thomas
Bride’s Wedding Dress: Winnie Couture
Groom’s Tux: Miguel Wilson
Floral and Decor: Niq Williams
Cake Artist: For Goodness Cakes
DJ: DJ Dusei

Ashton Gardens Wedding – Atlanta Photographer – Maya and Lee

Ashton Gardens Wedding – Atlanta Photographer – Maya and Lee

Wedding at Ashton Gardens

Florida A&M University. I was extremely excited to be their wedding photographer for their November wedding at Ashton Gardens. We began the day with prep photos of the bride and groom at a hotel close to the wedding venue. The bride wore a beautiful wedding dress from the Bridal Gallery of Orlando and the groom’s suit tux was from The Black Tux. When we arrived at Ashton Gardens the couple decided to do a first touch instead of a first look before the wedding ceremony. The smile on Maya’s face is priceless as Lee prayed for both of them. After “jumping the broom” I swiftly moved the couple to the reception space for a stunning room reveal with the decor by Chelsea Floral. The reception dance floor was filled all night thanks to the music of Exquisite Sounds. I ended the night with a couple’s portrait on the beautiful staircase of Ashton Gardens. I wish Maya and Lee the best and thank you for including me on your wedding day!

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Their Story

How did the two of you meet?
Lee and I initially met during the summer of 2011 in an accounting class at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. We were 2 of 3 people assigned to a group, neither of us remembers the third person.

What did you do for your first date?
Our first official date didn’t take place until July of 2015. We visited the World of Coca Cola in addition to the Martin Luther King history center. We ended our first date day with dinner at Midtown Kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who proposed and how?
Lee proposed to me on December 27th, 2017 underneath the downtown Chicago skyline at Navy Pier after a romantic dinner. It totally caught me by surprise as I’d been anticipating it would be another day. It was just the two of us just like I’d always wanted.

Lastly, can you tell us a bit about your plans for your wedding?
We plan to have an elegant fall wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. Our wedding will include greenery with hints of dinosaurs to portray our fondness of the Jurassic Park series. It will include both of our families and friends traveling mainly from Florida and Illinois. We’re planning to have a wonderful time.

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Ashton Gardens
Wedding Coordinator: Ceshia and Jason Wilder
Hair Artist: Mistie Myers
Makeup Artist: Glam Krazy
Bride’s Wedding Dress: Bridal Gallery of Orlando
Groom’s Tux: theblacktux.COM
Videographer: Heart Brave Studios
Floral and Decor: Chelsea Floral Designs
Cake Artist: The Baking Grounds
DJ: Exquisite Sound Entertainment

The Temple | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Sandra and Otega | Part 2

The Temple | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Sandra and Otega | Part 2

White Wedding at The Temple

Following the traditional Nigerian Ceremony on Thursday, Sandra and Otega had their White Wedding that Saturday. The ceremony took place at Haygood United Methodist Church and this was followed by the reception at The Temple. The guest count was close to 200 people. The couple entered in style with Otega showering Sandra with money, tears being shed during the mother/son dance, and a dance competition between the bridal party. Sandra and Otega’s wedding was an event inspired by love and happiness and I wish them all the best!

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Their Story (Continued)

**Who Proposed and How?**

Of course Otega proposed! Haha!

So it was Saturday August 6th, 2016, my sister Precious was having a baby shower that Sunday so my other sister Jennifer & her husband Dami decided to come in town to attend the baby shower. Prior to that weekend, Otega and Dami were looking for something for us to do so we could catch up. The guys decided that we will go to Georgia Aquarium and watch the dolphin show (honestly cannot remember if it was a dolphin show or what type of show it was). I was not super ecstatic about going because I was not interested in going to the aquarium. I was however interested in catching up with Jen & Dami.

Upon getting there, we walked around the various exhibits then finally attended the show. During the show, the moderator asked a question along the lines of, “How big is a whale shark?” And of course, Otega raised his hand to answer the question; I was not surprised he knew the answer because Otega knows weird facts like that. The moderator then told him to come down and bring someone down with him for a demonstration. He grabs me and takes me down for the demonstration.

Quick fact about me: I am a shy person; I hate crowds and being the center of attention. I was ready to get back to my seat! The moderator positioned us facing opposite direction and gave me a tape measure to do a demonstration and after we were done, she said “Okay let’s turn around and see what they are doing back there!” I turn around and Otega is on one knee! I was appalled—I did not see it coming! Before I knew it my family and my best friend popped up out of nowhere! I was in a state of confusion and shock; I could not believe they pulled it off without me knowing.

Wedding Vendors at The Temple

Venue: The Temple
Wedding Coordinator: C4S Events
Videographer: B. Bryant Productions
Hair Artist: Lindz Stylez
Makeup Artist: Dlux Glamour


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Atlanta Event Hall | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Sandra and Otega | Part 1

Atlanta Event Hall | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Sandra and Otega | Part 1

Wedding at Atlanta Event Hall

When I am asked to photograph a wedding that infuses traditions and culture, I get excited. So as soon as Sandra contacted me detailing her two day wedding ceremony at the Atlanta Event Hall, I could not wait until the end of June 2018. Their engagement session was nothing but amazing and this got me even more excited for their traditional Nigerian wedding.

Traditional Nigerian Wedding

One thing you will notice within the photos is the vibrant outfits worn by guests. Not only this, but families of the couples wear identical colors and fabrics to identify themselves. This is known as Aso-Ebi. Both the soon to be bride and groom had entrances with music and friends around them. Once the family members approved of the marriage and the traditions were complete, it was time to dance. Guests “sprayed money” on Sandra and Otega as a sign of happiness. With the traditional ceremony complete, the next portion of the wedding took place two days later at Haygood United Methodist Church and The Temple.

Cain’s Camera would like to thank Sandra and Otega for choosing me to photograph an extremely important day in their lives. It was my pleasure to photograph your wedding and it was my honor to serve. If you are interested in booking Cain’s Camera for your wedding, please visit my Contact page.

Their Story

**How did the two of you meet?**
Our meeting was very unexpected. Otega & I met 6 years ago; at the time, my best friend Seyi lived in the same apartment complex with Otega. His first-year med school classmates were having a kickback and Seyi had a friend that was having a birthday party at the pool as well. Upon arriving at the pool, Otega came to introduce himself to us and my first impression of him was…“wow this dude is too happy and hype”. After finding out that me & his mom were from the same place Otega got super excited and proceeded to ask me for my number. I do not like giving “random” guys my number so I said “how about I get your number?” Few days later, I texted Otega and told him it was nice meeting him and he asked me out on a date.

**What did you do for your first date?**
Otega suggested that we go out to dinner. He chose RuSan’s, which is a Sushi and Seafood restaurant. Unbeknownst to him, I actually hate Sushi. Instead of changing the location, I decided to be adventurous and give sushi another shot. Dinner at RuSan’s was awesome; we talked about so many different things, almost as if we’ve known for years. Otega eventually realized my dislike for sushi and appreciated me still accepting to have dinner at RuSan’s. After dinner, I immediately knew that Otega was a good listener, could hold a good conversation and an overall down to earth person.

Wedding Vendors at Atlanta Event Hall

Venue: Atlanta Events Hall
Wedding Coordinator: C4S Events
Videographer: B. Bryant Productions
Hair Artist: Lindz Stylez
Makeup Artist: Dlux Glamour

Ashton Gardens Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Gabrielle and Jeremy

Ashton Gardens Wedding Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Gabrielle and Jeremy

Wedding at Ashton Gardens

I was excited to learn Gabrielle and Jeremy chose Aston Gardens as their wedding venue. I’ve photographed at Ashton Gardens before and could not wait to capture some memorable photos. Their wedding was in the earlier part of the day, so we captured some amazing daytime photos. This included some photos of the bride outside the chapel and the groom with this groomsmen. Gabrielle looked amazing as she walked down the aisle as she greeted Jeremy.

Directly after the ceremony the guests were in for a treat as they all participated in the Grand March. During the reception the bride’s Liberian family and guests got up and danced to Liberian style music. The also formed a circle around the bride and groom in the middle of the dance floor. Afterward guests enjoyed the music of Glass Dee and sent the couple off formally with bubbles.

Special Thanks

Cain’s Camera would like to thank Gabrielle and Jeremy for choosing us to photograph an extremely important day in their lives. It was our pleasure to photograph your wedding and it was our honor to serve. If you are interested in booking Cain’s Camera for your wedding, please visit our Contact Us page.


Once Gabrielle and Jeremy received their wedding photos, here is what this had to say:

When we saw Cain’s Camera work on WeddingWire, we had no hesitations to work with him. We selected Jabari as opposed to other photographers because we noticed his extreme attention to detail. We also could tell that he had extensive experience in photographing people of color in various lighting scenarios (i.e. – well-light and not so well-light). In general, however, we were particularly interested in how well he captured images in low-light scenarios. When we looked at other photographers we noticed a large variance in their photographs, as it related to lighting (i.e. – some of their pictures were dark) which lead us to choose Jabari as our wedding photographer. We are so glad that we did! We receive compliments daily on how beautiful all the wedding pictures came out.

Jabari is an extremely creative visionary who allowed us to give our input on the photos. He has a positive attitude and is always professional. We also appreciated that he offered a full wedding day “sneak peek” of photos as opposed to limiting it to just a few (i.e. 1 to 5 photos). Thank you so much for helping to make our Wedding Day the most memorable day of our lives! We cannot stop looking at the photos! They are beyond amazing and greatly exceeded our expectations! We would ABSOLUTELY recommend Cain’s Camera services because he is the best photographer we’ve ever had!

Their Story

How did the two of you meet? Jeremy and I officially met through E-Harmony

What did you do for your first date? Instead of a 1st date, Jeremy and I had a 1st weekend with each other. After communicating for over three months, we were super excited to finally met. During our “1st weekend,” we visited several restaurants, rode go-carts, visited the swamps of Louisiana and so much more.

Who proposed and how? Jeremy made a surprise visit on the weekend after Valentine’s day. Initially, he told me that he came to spend time with me because he was unable to spend Valentine’s Day with me. I thought this was so sweet. He also mentioned that his surprise visit was due to our upcoming  “one year of dating” anniversary, which was Feb. 21st. During his visit, we relived our 1st weekend together. Surprisingly. I never actually suspected a proposal would serve as the final finale.  All in all, at the end of our “1st-weekend of dates re-enactment” he proposed.

Lastly, can you tell us a bit about your plans for your wedding? We plan on having a traditional wedding. It will take place at Ashton Gardens. Our goal is to create a simple yet elegant environment.

Wedding Vendors at Ashton Gardens

Venue: Ashton Gardens
Wedding Coordinator & Florist: Peachy Keen Planners
Cake: Publix
DJ & MC: Glass Dee
Videographer: Helena Films
Hair Artist: Renee Hall
Makeup Artist: Sydney Wingate